Terms of use



Welcome to the Tel Aviv Balloon site (hereinafter the site) operated byObservation G.Y.T.A. Ltd., registered company 51-4806546 (hereinafter: the company).


  1. The Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: terms, privacy statement, disclaimer, usage) constitute an agreement between the company and the user.
  2. Users are requested to read these terms carefully since they determine your rights and obligations by law.
  3. The instructions of these terms apply to all visitors and / or other users, in any shape or form, of the website, including with regard to any publishers of opinions on the website (hereinafter: also site) and any buyer, including potential buyer, of the services offered by the site.
  4. By making use of this site, you agree to these terms in full and unconditionally.
  5. The site tlv-balloon.co.il is a website providing, inter alia, information on the attraction known as the balloon in Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv (hereinafter: the attraction) including prices, specials, activities and more. Furthermore, as part of usage of this site it is possible to purchase entry tickets to the attraction and additional items as shall be advertised from time to time by the company.
  6. The website is solely owned by the company.
  7. Purchase of entry ticket/s to the attraction and / or other products (hereinafter: services) through the site shall be carried out as detailed herewith and is equates with ordering ticket/s through any other channel.
  8. The buyer and / or party interested in buying services through the site and / or any individuals using or surfing this site (hereinafter: user/s and / or buyer/s) declares and hereby commits that they are aware of the website terms and agree to their instructions.
  9. Use of the site, including completion of personal details on the site and / or implementing an order through the site, constitute the user’s agreement to all conditions without limitation and / or unconditionally and that the user and / or anyone representing the user will have no claim, directly and / or indirectly, against the site and / or the company and / or any of its operators and / or owner/s and / or managers and / or representatives.
  10. If you do not agree to any of the terms and / or order agreement detailed within it, you are hereby requested not to make any use of the site.
  11. The instructions of these terms relate also to surfing and / or use of the site through any computer or other media device (mobile phone, iPad, computer and so forth).
  12. The company reserves the right to change the terms periodically. changes will be valid as of the moment of update to the terms appearing on the site.


Conditions governing use of the site

  1. Some of the services provided by the site are subject to completion of a registration process in the framework of which users will be requested, inter alia, to authorize their agreement to the service conditions and instructions of these terms, and to convey identifying details concerning themselves.
  2. The company will not be responsible for content and nature of information presented and published on the site that is sourced in any third party, and no user shall have any claim and / or demand against the company as a result of such information or statements.
  3. The user hereby states that they know and are aware that use of the site involves numerous risks, due to technology and due to human factors operating through the internet.
  4. All site content, site design, written content, pictures and images and so on belong solely to the company, and cannot be used by surfers, nor can they be processed, copied, used for advertising, distribution and so on. No use can be made of the site or its content for commercial purposes or any other purpose.  To remove all doubt it is hereby clarified that the user is entitled to make use of the site wholly and solely for the purpose of purchasing services and / or receiving information from the company.
  5. The company does its best to ensure information presented on the site is precise and as correct as possible. However, some information serves as general information only and is based on data received by the company from third parties.  The user commits to bearing sole responsibility for the way she or he makes use of such information.


Purchasing services through the site

  1. Any person is entitled to purchase services through the website subject to complying with the cumulative conditions as follows:
  • The user is fit to conduct binding legal acts
  • The user is 18 years old or more
  • The user holds a current electronic mail address accessible through the internet
  • The user holds a valid credit card, issued by one of the following credit card companies: Visa or Mastercard
  • The user has correctly completed all data appearing on the website’s order form
  1. A user interested in purchasing ticket/s through the site will be required to enter details as required by the company’s order form.
  2. Without derogating from the abovementioned, the company is entitled to prevent any user from using the site and making a purchase, in ay of the following situations:
  • If the company feels that the user when registering has purposely provided false and / or erroneous details. It is hereby clarified that entering false purchase details is a criminal offence and the company and / or site operator is entitled to take any steps necessary and allowable by law against a user entering false details.
  • If the company considers that a user has breached the terms and / or any other agreement with the company and / or any of its representatives.
  • The credit card details provided by the user are blocked or limited in any way.
  1. It is hereby clarified that the user is a private individual/s interested in purchasing ticket/s and / or services from the site for personal use and not for the purpose of resale of ticket/s and / or services offered for sale in group and / or wholesale and / or mass sales.
  2. A user interested in purchasing ticket/s on the site will order the ticket/s through the site’s ordering system. The system will allow the user to choose the type of ticket (regular, child, Tel Aviv resident, etc.) and the number of ticket/s required and feed in the necessary data to complete the order.
  3. “Child” for the purposes of ticket purchase is a child whose age as appearing on the parent’s identity card is a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 8 years old. A child under 3 years old does not require a ticket.
  4. “Tel Aviv resident” for the purpose of ticket purchase is an individual holding a valid resident’s card or whose address on her or his identity card is within Tel Aviv Jaffa.
  5. The purchase will be authorized only after the user has received an email by the system confirming the purchase and all pertinent details and including the purchase number (hereinafter: the serial number of the purchase / order / voucher).
  6. The user must print the voucher which was received by email and present it at the cashier accompanied by her or his identity card or alternately must present the barcode on her or his cellphone / iPad at the attraction’s ticket cashier.
  7. The company will not bear any responsibility of any kind whatsoever, directly or indirectly, for situations in which purchase details were not registered with the system and / or assimilated partially and / or any other technical problem of any kind whatsoever, and / or any other problem that may prevent the user from purchasing services through the site.
  8. It is hereby clarified that the company and / or its owners and / or its employees and / or any of its representatives will not be responsible, in any form whatsoever, for errors made by the user when entering purchase details including choice of ticket type and / or number of tickets required and any other service ordered by the user via the site, and the user hereby declares that she or he will have no claim and / or demand as a result.
  9. Payment for the transaction will be in one payment. The time of payment deduction for purchase of ticket/s will be at the time that the transaction is carried out.
  10. Supply of ticket/s is immediate. On completion of the purchase process the client will be sent an authorization of transaction execution and the ticket/s will be sent to the email the client entered.
  11. Use of the ticket/s is dependent on weather and the company reserves the right to change its activity times.
  12. Implementation of changes to the purchase made via the site can occur only through the telephonic representative in the company’s service department on 03-5589722 or via email on [email protected]


Policy governing order cancellation by user

The cancellation policy concerning items and / or services is subject as noted to the Consumer Protection Law 1981 and as stated in these Terms.

  1. The transaction can be cancelled up to 14 days from the time of actual purchase on the site. Cancellation of the transaction by an website user is via written request to the company, subject to law and conditions of these Terms, after the user has executed the order through the site’s order system, and following receipt by the user of the authorization and in accordance with the full conditions of these Terms.
  2. A written request for order cancellation in these Terms will be considered as contacting the company via registered mail or email. Onus is upon the client to ensure that the company received the cancellation request.



Policy governing order cancellation by the company

  1. The company reserves the right to cease at any time, and in accordance with its sole considerations, website sales, in full or in part, including in any of the following circumstances:
  • Should it become apparent that illegal activities took, or are taking, place on the website.
  • If a communications and / or technical breakdown occurred which prevented or may prevent any type of sale.
  • Due to force majeure, a state of war, hostility or terror which prevent, in the company’s view, continued sales, supply or fulfillment of the order.
  • Should any error be found in describing the service/s, service conditions, order terms and / or any error in entering sale data and / or entry of user data, the company is entitled to cancel the specific purchase.
  • In any situation where an action contradicts the Terms.
  1. Notice of cancellation or cessation as abovementioned will be conveyed to the user and / or purchaser, and the company will prevent debit of the user’s credit card and / or return the full sum paid for the service/s purchased by the client, as the client paid.


Ownership, copyright and intellectual property rights

  1. Full copyright and intellectual property rights of the website including website/domain name, copyright, site design, logo, commercial trademarks, content, computer code/s, graphic art files, trade secrets, organization of information on the site and any other materials included in it are the sole property of the company or any third parties from whom the company received license to use these materials by law. It is forbidden to copy, duplicate, distribute, sell, publicly present, market, and / or translate information or make commercial or non-commercial use of the site and / or the data it contains in its data base or any other details it publicizes, nor to convey to another party any part of the above from the site without written agreement from the company’s offices in advance.
  2. It is forbidden to collect data of any kind from the site through any program/s geared at data mining and it is absolutely forbidden to distribute such data without advance written permission from the company.
  3. The company is entitled to periodically alter site structure including its services, appearance, scope and availability of services it provides and any other aspect involved. Changes of these kinds may involve faults and / or initially arouse discomfort and so forth.  The user will have no claim and / or demand towards the company concerning such changes as abovementioned and / or faults or breakdowns occurring as a result of implementing any changes to the site.
  4. To link to and / or present the tlv-balloon.co.il site on any network, causing the site to be linked, written permission must be received in advance from the company.


Data security and privacy

  1. The company will not convey the user’s personal details to any other party nor make use of the user’s payment details except to effect payment for any order the user has made.
  2. The clearing operation and data concerning the user’s credit card are not saved in the company’s servers and is transferred solely to the clearing house authorized by the credit company to execute these actions while applying appropriate and maximum control and security.
  3. Despite the abovementioned, the company is entitled to transfer the user’s personal details to a third party in cases where the user has conducted an action that damages and / or may damage the company and / or any third parties, and / or when the user has made use of the company’s services to execute an illegal action and / or the company received a legal order instructing it to convey the user’s details to a third party and / or in any dispute or legal action.



  1. The company is entitled to cancel or alter conditions for purchase of ticket/s, and any prices displayed on the site subject to changes in the Terms and based solely on the company’s considerations.
  2. The company is entitled, without advance notice and based solely on its own considerations, to periodically change these Terms, terms of website usage, site structure, site content, site appearance, including scope and availability of services it offers, and any other aspect concerning the site and its operations. Validity of all such changes will be from the day they are publicized on the site, and any such change will be valid immediately from the moment it is publicized and henceforth, and will apply to the user unless specifically stated otherwise.
  3. There will not be doubling up on specials and / or discounts in any instance when ordering through the site, unless specifically stated otherwise.
  4. All images and clips presented on the site are for illustrative purposes only.
  5. The site may present links to other websites. These links are meant to allow user convenience only.  The company is not responsible for links and / or linked sites and / or the information they contain and / or their validity and / or their legality.  Any use and / or entry into such links and / or linked sites is the user’s sole responsibility.
  6. The company and / or site operators and / or its owners and / or its managers and / or its employees and / or any person representing it shall not bear responsibility for the server through which the site operates including for the server being clean of viruses and / or other components which may affect the user’s computer and / or other devices when surfing the site and / or purchasing services through the site and / or any other use of the site.
  7. The company is not responsible for any illegal actions that may occur or be implemented by any site user and / or other party over which the company and / or its representatives have no control.
  8. The company’s computerized order log will constitute evidence of actions occurring on the site.
  9. The company will not bear responsibility for any illegal action occurring on the site by any user and / or other party. The user will reimburse and / or compensate the company and / or its representatives for any claim and / or costs and / or damages and / or legal expenses incurred of any kind as a result of the user’s misuse of the site.

The company can be contacted on 03-5589722 and / or [email protected]



Observation G.Y.T.A. Ltd.operating the TLV Balloon attraction (hereinafter: the company) will conduct a prize bearing competition on its Facebook page at


Participation in the competition is subject to conditions as detailed in these Terms and the competition participant must uphold all conditions detailed in these Terms.

  1. During the competition period participants will be asked to upload picture/s and / or photo/s of the Tel Aviv Balloon to the company’s Facebook page at the above internet address.
  2. The competition period is from 1 June 2015 to 1 October 2015 at 20:00 (8 pm).
  3. To participate in the competition, the competitor must be a member of the TLV Balloon Facebook page, by clicking the LIKE button on the FB fan page. Only a surfer who has clicked LIKE is entitled to participate in the competition.
  4. To upload an image, enter the company’s Facebook page, click the “photo” button and choose the image you wish to be part of the competition. Tag the image as:  TLV Balloon#
  5. On the last Thursday of every month and / or following the end of the month, specifically 25 June 2015, 30 July 2015, 27 August 2015, and 1 October 2015, the company representative will choose the image that gained the greatest number of likes.
  6. Should more than one image share the same amount of greatest number of likes, all such images will be chosen.
  7. Surfers using fraudulent profiles and / or purchased likes to participate in the competition will be voided and their images deleted.
  8. The surfer whose image is chosen as noted above will win two tickets for a night flight in the TLV Balloon.
  9. Notice to the competition winner/s will be provided by the company’s representative on the company’s Facebook page and notice of the prize win will be sent to the winner within 48 hours from close of the competition via the email address conveyed by the winner.
  10. Using the prize:
  • To receive the prize, the winner will be required to authenticate the details conveyed in the framework of personal details, by presenting ID, and signing a document authorizing receipt of the prize. Should the winner be a minor, the prize will be conveyed to the minor’s parent/s.
  • The winner will be invited to the TLV Balloon location in Yarkon Park to receive the prize.
  • The prize cannot be exchanged nor is it possible to receive credit or money value for the prize.
  • After receiving the prize, the winner will be required to be photographed with the prize and the photograph will be uploaded to the company’s Facebook page.
  1. The company is entitled to invalidate a winning candidate who did not attend in order to receive the prize, within 7 days from the date that notice of the win was sent to the winner; or should any image not conform withthe company’s Terms.
  2. Participation in the competition is the sole responsibility of the competition participants. The company and / or any of its representatives will not bear responsibility for any damage of any kind whatsoever caused to competition participants in relation to their participation in the competition and / or use of the competition sites.
  3. The company is entitled to change and / or update these Terms at any time, in accordance with its sole considerations, and without advance notification, and any change is valid from the moment of its publication.
  4. The company is entitled, in accordance with its sole considerations, to change the competition period for any competition or cancel it entirely. Notice of such changes to the competition will be publicized on the TLV Balloon Facebook page.


  1. The competition participant hereby declares that she or he has read the Terms, understood their instruction and accepts all competition conditions as detailed in the Terms.
  2. The competition participant hereby states that she or he is aware of and agrees to the company making use of the identifying details she or he conveyed for participating in the competition, for the purpose of sending updates, advertising materials, marketing materials, etc. Should the participant not be interested in these materials, she or he must inform the TLV Balloon company in writing.
  3. Copyright: participants hereby provide the company with permission to present and make use of the image in any way it wishes on its Facebook page and on its website. Should the company wish to make other uses of the image, the participant will be credited at the base of the photograph.


Limited time specials

  1. The special is for a limited time 1.9.15-25.9.15.
  2. The company reserves the right to change and / or cease the special at any stage.
  3. The special is valid to purchasers on the company’s site only and is not valid for purchases at ticket booths on location.
  4. The user must print the voucher received via email and exchange it at the ticket booth on location for tickets.
  5. The special is valid from Sunday to Saturday inclusive in the framework of opening times as publicized.
  6. After purchasing voucher/s the user must ascertain their purchase on the company website or telephonically during opening times.
  7. The specials are subject to limitations of safety and / or wind speed and / or weather conditions.
  8. The company will not bear responsibility as a result of cancellation or suspension of activity resulting from weather conditions and / or any reason related to flight safety.
  9. Validity for using purchasedtickets is up to 12 month from purchased day . Tickets presented after this date will not be accepted.
  10. Price is per adult (aged 8 years old and up).
  11. Family ticket includes: 2 adults + 2 children up to 15 years old.
  12. Doubling up on specials is not permitted and no additional discounts will be given.